Air Conditioning Service

The climate-control function of your vehicle is critical to your comfort on the road. Don't sweat out irregular temperature problems. Let us check on your A/C to ensure that it continues to work as it should.

We'll check the Freon level to make sure it's where it should be and look for leaks in the system. And in order to maximize your unit's efficiency we'll inspect the condition of hoses and seals.

Manufacturers have different recommendations for the regularity with which their vehicles air conditioning should be serviced. Your owner's manual will indicate what's appropriate for your automobile.

Sustainability Measures

At Griffin Brothers, we understand the importance of protecting the environment. All of our technicians are trained to appropriately and safely handle and dispose of Freon and other potentially harmful materials. Because we believe in the value of being a conscientious corporate citizen, we also use a recyclable and closed-circuit process to conduct our A/C services.